It can be challenging to navigate the road to the 0% percent tax bracket without the aid of a seasoned expert who’s been down this path before.

Violate a threshold on the one hand, and you’ll pay an extra tax on the other.


Accumulate too many dollars in either the taxable or tax-deferred buckets and you’ll miss the 0% tax bracket all together and give up a hefty portion of your Social Security along the way.  When you add in strategies designed to fully mitigate longevity risk as well, the complexity of your financial plan compounds even further.


That’s why it’s imperative you work with a member of The Elite POZ Advisor Group.

These elite advisors are:

veterans of the financial services industry

trained personally by David McKnight

required to pass a rigorous background check

required to complete an exhaustive 10-part training course

required to pass a comprehensive, mandatory exam.

constantly apprised of changes in the retirement landscape so they can keep your tax-free retirement plan on track.

When it comes to eliminating tax-rate risk and longevity risk from your retirement picture, you can’t afford to compromise. 


Engage a member of The Elite POZ Advisor Group today.